Avoid These Common Fishing Gear Problems

You hear about it every season: A fishing buddy who finally hooked a monster fish after hours on the water, only to have it get away because of a simple problem with his fishing gear. It happens all the time. It’s likely even happened to you. And it’s immensely frustrating.

But you can avoid a lot of common gear problems by taking a little time to inspect your gear. Here’s how to do that.

  1. Check your rod guides for any sharp edges. A chipped guide can easily slice a line. One way to check your rod guide is to use a piece of cotton; a sharp edge will snag some material.
  2. Regularly check your lines for any damage. Lines can weaken from exposure to the elements, from long fish battles, and from scraping against rocks and pilings.
  3. Make sure your drag is properly set. To test it, pull line off your reel before casting. If it feels like it is sticking, get it serviced.
  4. Make sure the line roller on the bail arm of your spinning reel turns freely.