Bluefin Tuna Fishing on Cape Cod

Bluefin tuna are a favorite fish for Cape Cod anglers to target. These big fish have a reputation for being fighters, providing fishermen with the thrill of a good battle. Here are five tips on how to target them around Cape Cod.

  1. Do your homework. Bluefin tuna can be unpredictable, and where they decide to show up can change from year to year. Track them like a private investigator – do some research online and talk to other anglers before you head out. That said, the waters off Provincetown and Chatham are productive bluefin areas. Good spots include Stellwagen Bank, the Golf Balls and Wood End.
  2. Have strong equipment. Bluefin tuna are known for their impressive size – some can weigh more than 1,000 pounds. So make sure you have a strong rod, a large reel and use high-test line.
  3. Look for life. If you’re in a location that is attracting other creatures – such as baitfish, birds and even whales – there’s a good chance you can also find tuna there.
  4. Go fresh. Some anglers have luck using artificial lures to attract bluefins, but your best strategy is to use fresh bait like mackerel or herring.
  5. Hunt near the surface. Tuna enjoy the warm sun as much as you do. In the summer, you’ll find them close to the water’s surface.