Storing Your Boat’s Trailer You might give your boat all your love and attention, but you’d be wise not to overlook another essential part of your boating experience: your boat’s trailer. When you’re preparing to store your boat for the winter, it’s important to put the same amount of care into storing your boat’s trailer… Read More

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How to Camp with Your Boat When you think of camping, you might instinctively think of inland forests, mountains and streams. But as a boat owner, you have a vehicle to a whole other world of camping—a world of beaches and secluded islands, often remote and inaccessible to non-boaters. Camping with your boat is incredibly… Read More

Great New England Dock & Dine Restaurants Why drive to your favorite restaurant when you can cruise there in your boat? The ability to access great restaurants from the water is one of the most enjoyable boating experiences, and the New England coast offers some amazing dock-and-dine options. Here are a few of the best.… Read More

Seal Watching Tips Decades ago, gray seals were hunted to the point where they were virtually nonexistent in New England waters. But today, seals are protected and their population has bounced back in a big way. Crowds of seals can now be found along much of the New England coast. Viewing these gorgeous creatures in… Read More

For a few exciting days each winter, boaters around New England wake from their boating offseason hibernation to enjoy one of the best boating events of the year – the New England Boat Show. The show is the Northeast’s largest boat show and the region’s premier winter boating event. This year’s show takes place February 13 to… Read More

You may have tucked your boat away for winter months ago. But if you think you don’t have to worry about it until spring, think again. Even if your boat is wintering on dry land or in storage, a lot can happen while it sits there over the winter. By checking on it in mid-winter,… Read More

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From Maine to Connecticut, New England has miles of coastline offering some of the best boating in the country. But one of New England’s best boating spots isn’t on the coast at all. It is miles inland, tucked among the mountains and forests of New Hampshire. A popular boating destination, Lake Winnipesaukee, surrounded by natural… Read More