Whaler’s 420 Outrage Offers Big Thrills The folks at Boston Whaler went big when they created the 420 Outrage.   And we’re talking about more than just this boat’s size. Whaler’s biggest boat at 42 feet, the 420 Outrage offers bigtime amenities, performance, fishing features, cruising comfort and luxury. All of which adds up to… Read More

How to Safely Catch and Release Fish It’s a thrill when you reel in a fish, and can also be thrilling to successfully release the same fish. By releasing your catch, you’re doing your part to protect fish populations that anglers hold so dear. Knowing how to do so properly is an important skill that… Read More

Introducing the Boston Whaler 230 Outrage If you’re one of those who think a small boat can’t deliver big performance and comfort, maybe you just haven’t met the right small boat yet.  It’s time that you were introduced. That boat is the new 230 Outrage recently unveiled by Boston Whaler. This 23-foot addition to Whaler’s… Read More

Whaler Wins European Award You may know that Boston Whaler is recognized across the country for boating excellence. But did you know it’s also recognized for excellence across the globe? Whaler recently won a prestigious European boating award, as boating experts from around Europe named Whaler’s 270 Dauntless as the “Best for Fishing” winner at… Read More

Time for Spring Squid Fishing If you like calamari, this is your month. That’s because it is primetime for squid fishing in New England. As water temperatures climb into the low 50s, squid move inshore to estuaries, coves and bays to feed, making them prime targets for smart fishermen. Squid generally approach shore on a flood tide… Read More

Boston Whaler’s Versatile 270 Dauntless Some boats are meant for fishing. Others for cruising. And still others for watersports. But what if you want a boat that can do it all? That boat is Boston Whaler’s 270 Dauntless.  The largest vessel in Whaler’s Dauntless line, the versatile 270 Dauntless combines the unparalleled fishability of a… Read More

You likely got a boat so you could escape your everyday concerns; to go fishing or cruising and not fret about obligations or chores. Boating is supposed to be a source of joy. But if you don’t keep your boat properly maintained, a day on the water can get real stressful, real fast. Avoid on-the-water… Read More

Cruising to Newport, Rhode Island Newport, Rhode Island, has as deep and storied a boating history as any place in the Northeast. And while its America’s Cup glory days may be behind it, Newport is still an exceptional, unique destination and a must-visit for any New England boater. Newport features deep, safe approaches. The biggest… Read More

Boston Whaler’s Trailblazing 320 Vantage In a world full of copy-cat products, it’s always good to see trailblazers, those who reject the mold and carve their own path. In boating, one such trailblazer is the Boston Whaler 320 Vantage, a vessel that is redefining dual-console capability. The 320 Vantage is a versatile, sophisticated fishing boat… Read More