5 Tips for Being an Environment-Friendly Boater Boating and a love for the environment go hand in hand. After all, boating is all about fresh air, clean water, beautiful beaches and healthy fish. Nobody wants to boat in a cesspool or worry if it’s safe to eat that huge flounder they just reeled in. We… Read More

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Of all the things you love about boating, needing to wear a life jacket probably isn’t one of them. But a good life jacket is your most important piece of boating equipment. Don’t believe it? Check out the statistics: More than 80 percent of boaters who drown are not wearing a personal floatation device. Half… Read More

The Mass Appeal of Whaler’s 345 Conquest Often, to be really good in one area, you have to sacrifice in other areas. A student who is brilliant in science might be weaker in history. An athlete who is strong might lack speed or endurance. In boating, a great fishing boat will often fall short when… Read More

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For a few exciting days each winter, boaters around New England wake from their boating offseason hibernation to enjoy one of the best boating events of the year – the New England Boat Show. The show is the Northeast’s largest boat show and the region’s premier winter boating event. This year’s show takes place February 13 to… Read More

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