How to Chunk for Striped Bass

When it comes to fishing for striped bass in New England, one of the most popular and effective ways of attracting stripers is what is known as “chunking.”

Striped bass chunking is a technique that is extremely effective in a variety of places where stripers are known to hangout, ranging from depths of just 10 feet down to 60 feet, and in spots known for holding baitfish such as holes, ledges, rock piles and wrecks. You can try chunking at any time of the day, but the best times are the two hours on either side of the tide change.

Mackerel, menhaden and herring all make good bait for chunking. Make sure to use fresh bait (never use frozen). When you cut them up, your chunks of bait should be firm and slimy.

Cut up a bucket of bait before you reach your target area. Once there, create a chum line by tossing a few bait chunks into the water. Every so often, toss a few more chunks into the water to keep the stripers interested. You should hook your chunk bait through the top with the point of the hook exposed.