Inshore Fishing on Cape Cod

If you’re an angler living in the Cape Cod area, you’re mighty lucky. Your home waters offer some of the very best inshore fishing on the planet. Throughout most of the year, fishermen can target a wide variety of species around the Cape, including striped bass, tautog, albies, black sea bass, bluefish and many others.

Making the most of the Cape’s world-class fishing takes more than just casting a line off the coast. To have consistent success, you need to know how these species behave and what to look for.

When hunting sportfish, start by casting near an underwater structure. The structure can be a natural formation, like a rock outcropping or manmade, like a shipwreck. Predators, like stripers, will often lurk near the edge of the structure waiting to nab any small prey that is hiding within it. Another thing to consider is if there is a strong current nearby. Sportfish will shield themselves behind structure and wait for the current to force baitfish to tumble by.

Another place to look for fish is along transitional zones. In these zones, freshwater converges with saltwater or the bottom changes from rock to sand or from grass to mud. These areas often attract bait-fish and lure larger predators looking to dine on them.

Smart inshore anglers are also aware of the tide and currents. The most successful inshore fishing often occurs immediately after a slack low or high tide with a strong current. Consider how an area’s tidal currents work, as they don’t always follow the tide. Areas close to channel entrances and inlets can lag behind. It’s important to pay more attention to the speed and direction of the water than the height of the tide. 

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