Storing Your Boat’s Trailer

You might give your boat all your love and attention, but you’d be wise not to overlook another essential part of your boating experience: your boat’s trailer.

When you’re preparing to store your boat for the winter, it’s important to put the same amount of care into storing your boat’s trailer to make sure it is properly protected and will be ready to hit the water next season. Here are a few tips on how to store your trailer.

  • Thoroughly wash and detail your trailer. Get rid of the dirt that builds up over the season. Pay attention to those hard-to-see places, especially the undercarriage. After washing your trailer, it should be completely dry before storing it to prevent mold.
  • Look for rust spots along the frame. Sand off any rust that you find, then prime and coat with galvanic paint.
  • Grease the winch gears, jack stand, coupler-latch assembly and brake actuator rollers. Also apply grease or metal protection spray to the light harness and bunk rollers.
  • Check and tighten any loose bolts.
  • Top off the brake actuator reservoir with brake fluid.
  • Take the trailer’s weight off the tires and prevent dry rot and flat spots by jacking up your trailer. If you leave the tires on, stabilize the trailer with blocks. Reduce the air in the tires and cover them to prevent sun damage. You can also remove the tires and store them inside on a flat surface.