Striper Fishing off Monomoy

The waters off Monomoy Island, near Cape Cod’s “elbow,” offer some of the best striper fishing anywhere on the Cape.

From Chatham, the ride out to Monomoy takes a little under half an hour. There you’ll find the famed Monomoy rips created by several sandy shoals located just off the tip of Monomoy – Handkerchief, Stonehorse, Little Round and Bearse shoals.

These rips are extremely productive, fish-holding currents. Game fish like stripers can often be found in the rough side of these rips waiting for the current to toss baitfish into the rough water.

When scouting the area, look for moving water, as well as any birds and bait near the surface. The area has a number of rips to choose from, not only anglers but stripers, too. You may have to move around a bit to find the most productive rip.

When trolling a rip, your rig should move with the current, just like a baitfish would. Game fish like stripers will face into the current, waiting for bait to get pushed their way.

You can also try casting with light tackle into the rip. Cast into a calm spot just before the rip line. By keeping your line slack, your bait should tumble into the rip just like a baitfish.

While Monomoy is a great spot for striper fishing, it presents its share of challenges to boaters. Currents can be strong at times, causing inattentive boaters to ground. Pay attention to your surroundings and how the current is pushing your vessel.