Time for Spring Squid Fishing

If you like calamari, this is your month. That’s because it is primetime for squid fishing in New England.

As water temperatures climb into the low 50s, squid move inshore to estuaries, coves and bays to feed, making them prime targets for smart fishermen.squid_boat

Squid generally approach shore on a flood tide and they feed through the start of the ebb. During the day, they can often be found near the bottom of deep water along the edge of a shoal or in depressions.

But the most reliable squid fishing is done at night. That’s when squid move toward light sources, which attract their prey. Great nighttime hangouts for squid are wharves, piers, lighted docks and bridges. Some squid fishermen even bring their own lights.

To hunt squid, you’ll want to use a light rod-and-reel outfit and squid jigs, which are oblong lures featuring upturned spikes. The color of your jig can be a big help. Good basic colors include red, pink and fluorescent green.